Digital Printing

Flexicut Prints 

Small breast Design £1.50

Large back or chest design £3.50

(Straight or Arched)
Large (1 line upto 300mm wide) @ £3.00 per name
Small (1 line upto 100mm wide) @ £1.50 per name

Initials £0.75 per letter


Large numbers 8" (205mm) high @ £1.25 per digit
Small numbers upto 5" (130mm) high @ £0.75 per digit


Please Note: The above prices are based on one colour prints, if more colours are required please contact us for a full quote.

Full Colour Digital Images can be printed onto white and coloured garments enabling vibrant colours, fine detail, tones and tints.

Up to A5 £2.50

Up to A4 £4.00

Up to A3 £7.50


Helmet Stickers

35p each


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